Malvern Mayor Dave Burton

"I've lived in Malvern Borough for 46 years. I've raised my children in Malvern, worked at small businesses in Malvern and I plan to retire in Malvern. I decided to serve as Mayor to give back to this community that has given me so much. As Mayor, I work diligently to represent borough residents, bringing their concerns to the council and/or the borough manager. Although the Mayor's main responsibility is the police department, I also try to be involved in all facets of our government in order to serve the public good." — Dave Burton, Malvern Mayor

Dave and his wife Linda live in the heart of Malvern Borough. All their children have enjoyed living, and in some cases working, in the community of Malvern. Dave spent 22 years working for three borough businesses. Currently, Dave is a teacher in the Coatesville School District working with students that experience behavioral problems, while Linda works at Paoli Hospital.