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How/where do I register to vote?
Contact Chester County Voter Services at 610-344-6410 or by visiting their website, register via the Online PA Voter Registration Form, or pick up a paper registration form at one of the following locations: the county offices on Westtown Road, most government buildings, many post offices, libraries, and police stations.

What is my voting precinct?
Your precinct is listed on the registration card you received when you first registered to vote. If you no longer have that card, you can find your precinct online, using this form: Find Voter Registration Status (please note: you may have to try different versions of your name ‐ with middle name or initial, without middle name or initial — if you aren't 100% certain of how you registered)

Where is my voting precinct located?
If you use the Find Voter Registration Status tool, it will return your voting precinct location along with your registration status. Or, you can look at the boundary maps for your township on the County's website: Precinct Boundary Maps

Can I vote at home via Absentee Ballot?
You may vote via Absentee Ballot if you qualify due to absence from the municipality, illness, or physical disability. Refer to the Absentee Ballot Application for more details.

Can I vote in the General Election in November if I didn't vote in the Primary?
Yes, as long as you are registered to vote. Not voting in the Primary does not remove your name from the voting rolls

How do I know if I am still a registered voter?
See the Find Voter Registration Status tool, or contact Chester County Voter Services at 610-344-6410.

Can I vote across party lines in the General Election in November?
Yes, as long as you are registered to vote. Only the Primary elections are restricted to voters of one party. The General election is open to all registered voters. You may vote for any candidate, or any party, on the ballot.

I cannot get to the polls by myself. Can I get a ride?
Yes. Please contact Willistown-Malvern Dems in advance of the election, and we will make sure that you get to the polls!

How can I volunteer to help the Democratic Party?
You can volunteer to help out locally by contacting the Chester County Democratic Committee, or the Willistown-Malvern Dems.

What does "grass roots" mean?
"Grass Roots" is a common phrase used in campaigns. It refers to the nature of the roots of a plant as its essential support. The nourishment for all of the plant's needs comes from the soil and rises through the stems to the leaves. Similarly, support for a campaign or political movement that comes from the citizens, causing it to grow and flourish, is referred to as a "grass roots" campaign.

How can I donate to a candidate's campaign?
The candidates are responsible for collecting their own donations. Call the candidate of your choice for more details, or visit their website. Our Candidates page has a full list of the current candidates, including links to their websites (where aviailable).

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Absentee Ballot Application
(Must be printed and mailed, or dropped off in person, to Chester County Voter Services, 601 Westtown Rd., Suite 150, PO Box 2747, West Chester, PA 19380)

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