Amy Finkbiner (Malvern Borough Council)

I grew up in Massachusetts. Thanks to some generous scholarships, I attended Swarthmore College, where I met my husband John, who grew up in Strafford. I obtained my PhD in Mathematics from the University of Maryland, then moved back here ten years ago when I started a position in King of Prussia. While house hunting, we sought a place both convenient to my job and accessible to Philadelphia. We chose Malvern because of its palpable sense of community; it was the only place we looked where we even saw anyone walking around outside. We also fell in love with a lovely Victorian home which is now listed as one of Malvern's historic resources.

I joined the Borough Planning Commission in 2010 as a way of learning more about and contributing to the community. For the last few years I have served as the Vice Chair. I also obtained a Master Planner Certificate from the county — Malvern was the first municipality to have all our commissioners certified, by the way! Some of the projects which I am most proud of having contributed to are the adoption of our historic resource protection standards, the design of a wayfinding signage system (hopefully coming soon!), a comprehensive inventory of and maintenance plan for our sidewalks, and improvements to our ordinances, including clarified front yard setback requirements. This year, I would like to consider a plan for the commercial corridor, including reviewing the requirements on multi-family dwellings. I have also conducted some projects on my own time: the installation of a swing set in Burke Park (coming in May), and the adoption of an anti-gerrymandering resolution. Bringing good ideas, mine or otherwise, into reality is the aspect of public service that I find most rewarding.

I am pleased with the progress our little Borough has made in the past decade. The pedestrian tunnel at the SEPTA station, the mural projects, tasteful infill development on our residential streets, the Farmers' Market, and a grocery store within walking distance all reflect a well-managed and desirable community. I know that some residents dislike the aesthetics of the Eastside Flats, but I also know we get a lot more use out of the restaurants and services than we did out of the former warehouses... although I did appreciate being able to walk my lawnmower to the repair shop! I do share concerns about traffic, and I hope that we will see improvements in the area of Bridge & King as a consequence of the current Multimodal Transportation Study.

I am running for Borough Council because I want to see us maintain our current successes and preserve what makes Malvern great. Thanks to my mathematics background, I relish looking for data-driven answers to our toughest questions. With my internalized commitments to civic engagement and consensus-building, I will listen to residents' concerns and find real solutions. It takes a lot of work to balance our fiscal responsibilities, growth pressure, community benefits, infrastructure, and safety & security. I think it is time for me to take a turn at this effort — John and I have made this our home and are now raising a family (Alex is one and a half). I want to make sure that our Borough Council represents all corners of Malvern, and I want to ensure we have a healthy, vibrant, welcoming community for years to come.