Marty Laney (Malvern Borough Council)

"Honoring the past, welcoming the future.
— e e cummings

I've lived in Landmark, the townhouse community behind Charlestown Greene in the Borough's northwest corner, for twenty years. I enjoy being actively involved in my community. I was recording secretary for the Malvern Planning Commission for 6 years and I am currently president of my Homeowners Association and have been for over 10 years. I want to step up and do my part for Malvern by serving on Borough Council.

I'm a retired nurse administrator with a Masters Degree in pediatrics from the University of Pennsylvania. During my career I developed my leadership abilities by serving in management roles, most recently at the Crozer Chester Medical Center. My administrative responsibilities included budgeting, staffing, hiring and firing, quality assurance, patient satisfaction and risk management. My management experience in health care has prepared me to assist Borough Council in those same areas of crafting responsible budgets, making smart staffing choices, providing quality borough services and ensuring citizen satisfaction.

As a member of Borough Council, I would also look for ways to use my nursing expertise as an asset to our community. Leaders at all levels of government need to collaborate on solutions to the opioid crisis, as well as the rise in lyme disease and other health concerns. I have also spent years as an advocate for older patients. As a member of Council, I would look for ways to improve our community for senior citizens, who may be among our most vulnerable residents.

In my spare time, I'm a quilter and past president of Main Line Quilters. I am the volunteer leader of the Wayne Senior Center Quilters and am a member of the American Quilters Society and Quilts of Valor.